Become a Seller

Blink Session

Access tens of thousands of buyers by selling to Blink Session users and through TeleResource Exchange at the same time.


TeleResource Exchange began in 2021 as an extension of Blink Session's in-app resource catalog. Previously, sellers could only sell to Blink Session Telehealth Platform users. TeleResource Exchange provides a place for anyone online to purchase seller resources for download.

You Choose Where to Sell

With our marketplace, you can choose to make your resources available only Blink users, or also the public through TeleResource Exchange. If you sell only to Blink users, you can choose if you want buyers to be able to download your resource, or only use within the platform.

How Can I Sell?

You can sell two ways. First, if you have a Blink "Staff" account, simply upload your resources and go to the "Sell" section. Second, if you do not have a Blink Staff account, fill out the application below to apply for free seller account.

How Much do I Get?

We have the lowest seller fees in the industry.

First, with Blink you set the price for what you sell. There are options to set quantity pricing and bundle resources.

Purchases Through
Blink Session Platform
Purchases Through
You Receive 90% 80%
Transaction Fees None None
Membership Fee None None

We Also Donate 10% of whatever you purchase to Women Empowerment Center in Lèogâne Haiti through Amoveo Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit development organization.

Read more about Amoveo Group's work to help the women of Lèogâne Haiti

How We Pay

If you live in the U.S., we will send you a check at the end of each month for resources sold the previous month. If you live OUTSIDE the U.S. we will pay you via PayPal (note: PayPal fees will be deducted).


If you sell over $600 a year, we are required by law to submit a 1099 for you to the IRS. We will email you if you are approaching $600 and request your W9 form.

What Can I Sell

The resources you sell must have application for telehealth, teletherapy, or other online education. You can sell resources that can be used for "tele" but also have use as a printable.

You can sell Card Sets (images), PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint Files, Videos (mp4), Audio (mp3 or wav). You can also use our "Board Creator" to sell interactive game boards to Blink Session Platform users.

How Do I Apply?

Board Builder for Sellers